Popular Armenian names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Antranig Armenian First born.
2 Armen Armenian Armenian.
3 Artaxiad Armenian Name of a king.
4 Athangelos Armenian Name of a historian.
5 Avarair Armenian From Avarair.
6 Avedis Armenian Brings good news.
7 Bedrosian Armenian Descended from Peter.
8 Boghos Armenian Armenian form of Paul.
9 Dickran Armenian Name of a king.

10 Dikran Armenian Name of a king.
11 Eznik Armenian Name of a fifth century philosopher.
12 Garabed Armenian Forerunner.
13 Ghoukas Armenian Armenian form of Luke.
14 Hagop Armenian Armenian form of James.
15 Haig Armenian From the hedged field.
16 Haroutyoun Armenian Resurrection.
17 Hovan Armenian God's gift.
18 Hoven Armenian God's gift.
19 Hovhaness Armenian God's gift.
20 Hovsep Armenian Armenian form of Joseph.
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