Popular Basque names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Adiran Basque From the Adriatic.
2 Ager Basque Gatherer.
3 Aingeni Basque Messenger.
4 Akil Basque From the Akil.
5 Ander Basque Basque form of Andrew.
6 Anthony Basque He adds or priceless.
7 Antton Basque Praiseworthy.
8 Asentzio Basque Ascending.
9 Benat Basque Bear.

10 Bingen Basque Conquers.
11 Bittor Basque Conquers.
12 Chaitu Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary.
13 Danel Basque Basque form of Daniel.
14 Deunoro Basque All saints.
15 Dunixi Basque Basque form of Dionysus god of wine.
16 Edorta Basque Basque form of Edward.
17 Edrigu Basque Basque form of Richard.
18 Edur Basque Wine.
19 Elazar Basque Help of God.
20 Erromon Basque From Rome.
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