Popular Egyptian names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Abasi Egyptian Stern.
2 Abayomi Egyptian Brings joy.
3 Abubakar Egyptian Noble.
4 Adeben Egyptian Twelfth born.
5 Adio Egyptian Righteous.
6 Adofo Egyptian Fighter.
7 Adom Egyptian Receives help from the gods.
8 Akhenaten Egyptian Devoted to Aten.
9 Akiiki Egyptian Friendly.

10 Akil Egyptian Intelligent.
11 Akins Egyptian Brave.
12 Amen Egyptian Ra - personification of the power of the universe and god of a united Egypt.
13 Amenhotep Egyptian Name of a pharaoh.
14 Amenophis Egyptian Name of a pharaoh.
15 Ammon Egyptian God of a united Egypt.
16 Amsi Egyptian Personification of reproduction.
17 Amsu Egyptian Personification of reproduction.
18 Amun Egyptian God of mystery.
19 Anpu Egyptian God of the dead.
20 Anubis Egyptian God of the dead.
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