Popular Norse names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Aage Norse Ancestors.
2 Aaric Norse Variant of Aric rule with mercy.
3 Aegir Norse Of the gods.
4 Aesir Norse Of the gods.
5 Aevar Norse Son of Ketil.
6 Afi Norse Grandfather.
7 Age Norse Ancestors.
8 Ake Norse Ancestors.
9 Alberich Norse A mythical dwarf.

10 Alfarin Norse Son of Hlif.
11 Alfarinn Norse Son of Hlif.
12 Alfgeir Norse E!fin spear.
13 Alfrigg Norse A mythical dwarf.
14 Alfrothul Norse Of the sun.
15 Alvis Norse Wise.
16 Alviss Norse Wise.
17 Amhlaoibh Norse Relic from an ancestor.
18 Amund Norse Bridal gift.
19 Amundi Norse Bridal gift.
20 An Norse Son of Grim.
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