Popular Russian names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Adrik Russian Dark.
2 Akim Russian God.
3 Alek Russian Variant of Alexander 'defender of mankind.'.
4 Aleksandr Russian Helper of man.
5 Aleksi Russian Helper of man.
6 Aleksis Russian Helper of man.
7 Alexei Russian Helper of man.
8 Alexis Russian Defender or helper. This Russian masculine name became popular in Britain and the US in the early 20th century, and is now given to children of either sexe.
9 Alik Russian Helper of man.

10 Aloyoshenka Russian Defends mankind.
11 Aloysha Russian Defends mankind.
12 Anatolii Russian From the east.
13 Andrei Russian Russian form of Andrew 'manly'.
14 Andrusha Russian Russian form of Andrew 'manly'.
15 Andrya Russian Russian form of Andrew 'manly'.
16 Antinko Russian Inestimable.
17 Anton Russian Inestimable.
18 Antosha Russian Inestimable.
19 Arman Russian Army man.
20 Baran Russian The ram; forceful; virile. See also Baron.
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