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# Name Origin Meaning

21 Maasiai Biblical The defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord.
22 Maath Biblical Wiping away, breaking, fearing, smiting.
23 Maaz Biblical Wood, wooden.
24 Maazin Muslim Variant of Mazin: Proper name..
25 Mabon ArthurianLegend A knight.
26 Mabon Celtic Mythical god of youth.
27 Mabon Welsh Legendary son of Modron.
28 Mabonaqain ArthurianLegend A knight.
29 Mabsant Welsh Legendary son of Caw.

30 Mabuz ArthurianLegend Ruler of Death Castle.
31 Mac Celtic Son of.
32 Mac Gaelic Son of. Scottish and Irish surname prefix sometimes used as a given name or nickname. Mack: (Scottish) Ancient Scottish given name.
33 Mac Scottish Son of.
34 Mac a'bhaird Gaelic Son of Baird.
35 Mac a'bhiadhtaiche Gaelic Son of Bhiadhtaiche.
36 Mac Adhaimh Gaelic Son of Adam.
37 Mac Ailean Gaelic Son of the handsome man.
38 Mac Alasdair Gaelic Son of Alasdair.
39 Mac an Aba Gaelic Son of the Father or Abbott.
40 Mac an Bharain Gaelic Son of the noble warrior.
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