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# Name Origin Meaning

1501 Mykhaltso Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Michael 'God like'.
1502 Myles English Merciful.
1503 Myles Greek Destroyer.
1504 Myles Hebrew Variant of Michael: Who is like God? Gift from God.
1505 Myles Irish Servant.
1506 Myles Latin Soldier.
1507 Mylnburne English From the mill stream.
1508 Mylnric English From the powerful mill.
1509 Mylo English Merciful.

1510 Mynogan Celtic Mythical father of Beli.
1511 Myra Biblical I flow, pour out, weep.
1512 Myrddin Welsh Welsh form of Merlin: Hawk. From the sea fortress.
1513 Myrick Welsh Dark-skinned; A Moor. Form of Maurice.
1514 Myrna Arabic Myrrh; sweet oil.
1515 Myron Arabic Myrrh; sweet oil.
1516 Myron Aramaic Myrrh; sweet oil.
1517 Myron Greek Perfumed oil.
1518 Myron Hebrew Holy place.
1519 Mysia Biblical Criminal, abominable.
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