Understanding the Four Month Sleep Regression

It’s widely known that when you have a baby you will end up not sleeping at night. One of the main reasons for that is the four-month sleep regression. This is the time when your baby is waking up very often during the night or when he takes short naps. Regression can appear at other ages, such as 8 months, 11, 18 months, and 2 years. The four-month regression is different, and it can make some changes when it comes to how your baby is sleeping.

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child’s birth month

What’s your child’s birth month says about his future?

Have you ever felt suspicious about your child’s future, profession, and personality? Well, it can be predicted through his birth month. Now it’s a common believe all around the world that birth month cast a profound effect on the life of your child. Most of the people love to read about the prophecies made before big happenings. People also believe in the zodiac sign as well. Along with these believes, people want to know about the birth month means to help their child in his personality development.

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Baby Food Recipes Homemade Food Items

Baby Food Recipes: Homemade Food Items

As a parent, you need to start preparing your infant toward weaning. Research has shown that exclusive breastfeeding should be observed for six months. The reason why exclusive breastfeeding should be a mandatory practice is that an infant needs to get essential nutrients from its mother for self-sustainability over mild illnesses. However, you can decide to stop breastfeeding a child after six months, depending on your discretion.

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