Popular German names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Abelard German Resolute.
2 Adal German Noble.
3 Adalard German Brave.
4 Adalbert German Intelligent or noble.
5 Adalgar German Noble spearman.
6 Adalhard German Brave.
7 Adalric German Noble friend.
8 Adalrik German Noble friend.
9 Adalwen German Noble friend.

10 Adalwin German Noble friend.
11 Adalwine German Noble friend.
12 Adalwolf German Noble wolf.
13 Adel German Noble.
14 Adelbert German Intelligent or noble.
15 Adelhard German Resolute.
16 Adlar German Eagle.
17 Adler German An eagle.
18 Adne German Eagle.
19 Adoff German German form of Adalwolf meaning noble wolf, generally associated with the 20th-century German dictator Adolf Hitler.
20 Adolf German Variant of Adolph: Noble wolf.
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