Popular Greek names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Abderus Greek A friend of Hercules.
2 Absyrtus Greek Brother of Medea.
3 Abydos Greek From Abydos.
4 Acastus Greek An Argonaut.
5 Acestes Greek A Trojan king from Greek mythology.
6 Achates Greek Figure in ancient Greek mythology who was the companion of Aeneas.
7 Achelous Greek A river god.
8 Acheron Greek River of sorrow/woe.
9 AchiIles Greek Lipless.

10 Achilles Greek The mythological hero of the Trojan War famous for his valor and manly beauty - his only weak spot was his ankle (hence Achilles' Heel).
11 Acis Greek Lover of Galatea.
12 Acrisius Greek Grandfather of Perseus.
13 Actaeon Greek In ancient Greek mythology Actaeon was a hunter dismembered by his own dogs.
14 Acteon Greek A hunter dismembered by his own dogs.
15 Adad Greek Storm and flood god.
16 Adapa Greek Figure in ancient Greek mythology.
17 Admetus Greek A king of Pherae.
18 Adonis Greek Handsome; a lord. Greek mythology; a youth beloved of Aphrodite.
19 Adras Greek Manly.
20 Adrastus Greek One of the attackers in 'The Seven Against Thebes'.
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