Popular Latin names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Abantiades Latin Descendant of Abas.
2 Absyrtus Latin Murdered by his sister Medea.
3 Academicus Latin Name of a philosopher.
4 Acarnanus Latin From Acarnania.
5 Acastus Latin Son of Pelias.
6 Accius Latin A Roman poet.
7 Ace Latin First in luck.
8 Achaean Latin A Greek.
9 Achaemenes Latin A Persian.

10 Achaemenius Latin A Persian.
11 Achaeus Latin A Greek.
12 Achates Latin A friend of Aeneas.
13 Acheron Latin River of sorrow.
14 Acheros Latin River of sorrow.
15 Achilles Latin Hero of the Greeks.
16 Achillides Latin Descendant of Achilles.
17 Achivus Latin A Greek.
18 Acis Latin Son of Faunus.
19 Acrisioniades Latin Descendant of Acrisius.
20 Acrisius Latin Father of Danae.
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