Popular Spanish names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Abran Spanish Variant of Abram 'Exalted father.'.
2 Adan Spanish Variant of Adam 'From the red earth.'.
3 Adriano Spanish Dark; Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (The Adriatic sea region.).
4 Agustin Spanish Majestic dignity; grandeur.
5 Alano Spanish Handsome.
6 Alanzo Spanish Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
7 Alarico Spanish Rules all.
8 Alba Spanish A place name.
9 Alberto Spanish Noble; bright.

10 Alejandro Spanish Spanish form of Alexander defends mankind.
11 Alfonso Spanish Spanish form of Alphonse 'eager for war'.
12 Alfredo Spanish Spanish form of Alfred 'counsels the elves'.
13 Alonso Spanish Eager for battle; Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
14 Alonzo Spanish Eager for battle.
15 Aluino Spanish Noble friend.
16 Alvar Spanish Truth-speaker or guardian.
17 Alvaro Spanish Truth-speaker or guardian.
18 Alvino Spanish White; fair.
19 Amadeo Spanish Loves God.
20 Amado Spanish Loves God.
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