Stylish Baby Girl Names

Stylish Baby Girl Names

So you or a relative of you,  have a baby girl born and you all can’t seem to come up with the perfect name for her. Don’t worry this articles has you covered. We will go through some of the cutest baby girl names and their meanings to help you choose better:


This name has a particular charm to it. It means “noble”. The word L in Adele makes it a touch stylish.


The name of a 3rd-century poet, Alexus is a Greek word meaning “helper”.


Honoring the famous American musician Bessie Smith and American silent film actress Bessie Love, Bessie itself means “pledged to god”.


Sounds like caramel and therefore has a soft, sweet impression attach to it. It means “garden”.


It is a name strongly linked with strength and character. It means “clear and bright”.


A very unique yet pleasing name, Concetta means “pure”.


It has been a famous Irish name for decades and is meaning “dark challenger”.


This name has appeared in the Bible and was used in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, It means “fruitful”.


These kind of names having EV in them are quite popular right now. It has a very interesting meaning “wish for the child”.


It means “garland” and has very cuteness and charm attached to it.


Maybe harder to pronounce, pronounced as Joya, meaning “Joy”. What more do you want the calling your daughter joy?


It means “windy place”. It has a Scottish style with it.


Since Hilary is quite common then this name, Ilaria provides a decent alternative to it. It means “cheerful”.


A lovely sounding name, Juliette means cheerful.


You may have heard many names with “Just” in them, but Justina sounds unique, stylish and promising. It means “righteous”.


This name holds the top spot in Spain because it is just so special and unique to listen. It means “light”.


A very distinct name, Luz also means “Light”.


The name of the most beautiful women in Don Quixote, Marcella means “hammer or young warrior”.


A very popular, charming and cute name, Marissa means “of the sea”.  Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, also uses this name.


Having featured in the forest, Monte once belonged to the male category, but after being used in the Forest, it has slid to the female side as well. It means “Pointy Hill”.


Meaning “pleasant”, Naomi gives it a sense determination because of it’s the use of triple vowels.


Meaning “Olive tree”, Olivia may be an old school name, but it is still and will always be one of the best.



These were some of the handpicked best names for your baby girl. Some of them can be used on both sexes, but most of them are restricted to be used on girls. You can choose whichever you want according to the meaning because according to the legends, the meaning of the names reflects in one’s personality, so better choose wisely.


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