Premium European Organic Infant Formulas

Premium European Organic Infant Formulas straight from the EU to your doorstep (1)

A parent’s primary concern is the health of their child, and while this can be challenging, it does not have to be. You don’t want to add to your anxiety and concerns after your child is delivered, particularly when it comes to feeding your infant.

Premium European Organic Infant Formulas straight from the EU to your doorstep (1)

Store-bought formula is no longer organic, and it has been found to contain sugary syrups, allergies, GMOs, and harsh chemicals that are harmful to babies. Essential components for healthy baby growth and development are absent. Here’s where we come in. OnlyFormula places parents and their children at the center of all we do. Our purpose is to provide your kid with the nutrition they require to develop and thrive; we produce a high-quality formula that is easily available to all – right from the moment you are ready to transition from nursing or supplement alongside it. We recognize that access to nutritious formulas should not be difficult and we are prepared to alter that. We investigated every infant formula available worldwide, tried and tested it, spoke with nutritional experts, and more – so you don’t have to. We are working together to create a global community of even more happy parents and healthy babies.

Formula Suggestions for Babies Aged 0-6 Months

Every parent will tell you that the first few weeks are an exciting and memorable period. There is a lot to think about, from cuddles to bath time and sleep habits, and it can be rather stressful, especially when it comes to buying formula and feeding your kid. But it can be easier and more comfortable than how it looks like. While there are numerous brands available, we have researched, tried, and evaluated them all in order to identify the best organic formulas for your child that we are convinced will help your child develop.

What to look for when purchasing a formula

Look for organic, non-GMO ingredients in formulas; this is why OnlyFormula stocks only the best organic formulas on the market. There will be no traces of sugar, artificial colors, or preservatives in the recipes. Organic/whole milk, organic lactose, whey, vegetable oils, minerals, prebiotics, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as ARA and DHA will be substituted. We carry HiPP, Kendamil, Holle, and Jovie formulae that meet the European Commission’s stringent organic certification criteria and standards. We have done so much research because, as parents, we understand what it’s like to be in this situation. We want nothing but the best for your children so that they can grow up happy, healthy, and well-fed.

Stages of the Formula

Our formulas are available in age-appropriate stages, ensuring that the nutritional composition meets the nutritional needs of the babies. This ensures that they obtain enough minerals and vitamins when they need them the most.

Stage 1 formulas are intended for newborns aged 0 to 6 months, whereas stage 2 formulas are intended for babies aged 6 to 12 months. We also have a stage 3 for babies beyond the age of a year. While stage PRE-formulas are meant for the same age range as stage 1, the distinction is that PRE-formulas do not contain starch, making them simpler for newborns to digest.

0-6-month formulations by OnlyFormula

A common question we get from expecting parents is which formula is “better” for their kid. Every baby is distinct and has various needs, so what works for one baby may not work for another. Our recommendations are as follows; they are fantastic and certified organic, so they would be ideal for your kid.

  • Stage 1 of HiPP Dutch
  • Stage 1 of HiPP UK
  • PRE Holle-Bio Stage
  • Stage 1 Holle Bio
  • Stage 1 Jovie Goat
  • Stage 1 Holle Goat

We also have specialized formulas on available for infants and older children who are having feeding difficulties.

  • Hypoallergenic HiPP HA Stage 1
  • Hypoallergenic HiPP HA Stage PRE
  • HiPP Comfort
  • Anti-Reflux HiPP AR

Top picks

Our OnlyFormula comparison chart can help you choose the finest formula for your child; it is simple to use and explains which elements are in the formulas, such as whey, starch, probiotics, and palm oil.

Excellent HiPP Stage 1: HiPP Dutch Stage 1

This formula is one of our best-selling products on our website; it is well-known for being easily digestible and delicious, and it is an ideal supplement or substitute from infancy. It contains no GMOs, synthetic nutrients or preservatives, gluten, or soy. Organic skim milk, organic lactose, whey, organic vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as DHA and ARA are the key constituents.

Excellent Holle Stage 1: Holle Bio Stage PRE

This formula is a favorite among new parents because it is one of the closest formulas to breast milk in terms of taste and nutrients. Its ingredient list is straightforward and easy to grasp, and it contains only high-quality, natural ingredients. It differs from other Holle products in that it contains no starch or maltodextrin. Vegetable oils, omega 3 and 6, lactose, organic whole milk powder, and whey powder are all included. PRE also has a higher percentage of Demeter-certified milk fat than most other brands. Because there are no prebiotics or probiotics, soy, or GMOs, the theme of their ingredient list is extremely simple.

Excellent Value Stage 1 Formula: HiPP UK Stage 1

The more parents who are aware of this recipe, the more it is desired. It is an excellent value for money and an excellent choice for infants from birth to six months of age. The nutritional content is similar to the HiPP Dutch Stage 1 formula; however, it lacks probiotics, hence some parents who purchase this elect to supplement their children with probiotics.

Excellent Alternative to Cow’s Milk: Holle Goat Stage 1

This formula is in high demand since it is the best alternative for babies who have difficulty tolerating cow’s milk in formulas.

This formula is prepared using natural ingredients such as lactose, maltodextrin, vegetable oils, algal oil, and whole organic goat milk. It is one of the few recipes that does not contain palm oil. This brand of formula is adored by both babies and parents; it is one of the world’s most nutritious formulas. However, before switching formulas, check a pediatrician, especially if you have allergies.

HiPP Comfort is the best digestive formula

This composition is well-known for being soft on the stomach and aiding digestion. It is safe to use on newborns and infants because the whey proteins included therein have already been partially broken down, and it contains less lactose than other formulas, therefore it contains carbohydrate components such as starch and maltodextrin. Babies who suffer from colic, gas, or constipation can benefit from this formula since it aids digestion and keeps babies fuller for longer. It contains vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics, as well as a blend of vegetable oils (including beta palmitate) to enhance calcium absorption. On the other hand, while this formula is more processed than others in the HiPP line, it is still devoid of corn syrup, GMOs, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors.

Our team of baby nutrition specialists is here to help, so send us an email and we can provide you the best nutrition advice.

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