List of Baby names that means Rainbow

List of Baby names that means Rainbow

When it comes to naming your child, the sky’s the limit. You can choose a name that is traditional or unique, serious or fun. You might even want to choose a name that has meaning. Many baby names mean rainbow. giving your child a name with meaning can help them as they grow and learn about the world around them. It can also be a conversation starter and help them make new friends. Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, but it can be a lot of fun.

List of Baby names that means Rainbow

There are many different ways to find the perfect name for your baby. One option is to choose a name with a meaning that is special to you. If you are looking for a name that represents the beauty of a rainbow, here are some lovely baby names that mean rainbow.

Girl names that mean rainbow

  1.  Alya: This name, of Arabic origin, means “sky” or “heavenly.”
  2. Amaterasu: She is the Sun’s Hero in Japanese mythology, and her name   means “shining over heaven.”
  3. Amitola: A poetic American Native name that means “rainbow.”
  4. Araceli: A name of Mexican origin that means “altar of the sky.”
  5. Celeste: “Celeste” is from the Latin language and it means “heavenly, of the sky”.
  6. Clarabelle: “Clarabelle” is another name of Latin origin and it means “bright, famous”.
  7. Eleanor: “Eleanor” is from the Greek language and it means “shining light”.
  8. Hina: She is a Hawaiian hero who, according to legend, used a rainbow as a bridge to travel from Earth to the moon.
  9. Iridiana: “Iridiana” is a radiant name of Greek origin that means “rainbow”.
  10. Iris: is a vibrant flower that grows in all the colors of the rainbow.
  11. Manzat: She is an ancient Mesopotamian and Elamite legend who is a personification of the rainbow. Her name also means “rainbow.”
  12. Noelani: This lovely Hawaiian name means “mist of heaven.”
  13. Rainbeau: A spelling variation of the English word “rainbow,” this name also includes the French word beau which means “beautiful.”
  14. Skye: You might think of the skies when you hear this name, but it actually originates from an island off the west coast of Scotland. It’s a fantastic gender-neutral name.

Boy names that mean rainbow

  1. Akash: This name of Sanskrit origin means “the upper sky.”
  2. Anuenue: A name of Hawaiian origin, this name simply means “rainbow.”
  3. Albert: A distinguished German name, this name means “bright and famous.”
  4. Heimdall: This name of Old Norse origin means “the white legend.” In Norse mythology, Heimdall is a hero who keeps watching the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst, which connects the world of humans with the realm of the legends.
  5. Indra: Indra is an ancient deity in Hinduism that is associated with the sky, storms, and rain. He is sometimes portrayed in artwork with a bow and arrow, where the bow is a rainbow and his arrows are lightning bolts.
  6. Kahukura: According to Maori tradition, Kahukura is an Atua (a divine being) who appears as the upper bow of a double rainbow. Kahukura means “red garment.”
  7. Keyne: A name of Celtic origin, Keyne has a poetic meaning: “man of the eastern sky.”
  8. Kiran: This name of Sanskrit origins means “beam of light.”
  9. Lucas: A name with Latin origins, Lucas means “bringer of light.”
  10. Mahpiya: A name of lyrical Native American origin that means “cloud, sky.”
  11. Meyer: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “bright one.”
  12. Neven: A name of Latin origin that means “saintly” raises your thoughts to the heavens.
  13. Noah: This biblical character received Hero’s promise of a rainbow after a great flood. His name means “peaceful.” It’s also one of the US’s most popular boys’ names.
  14. Uenuku: According to Māori tradition, Uenuku means “Rainbow Gaurd”.

What is the meaning of the Japanese name for a rainbow?

Although they don’t represent the meaning of rainbow directly, these three Japanese girls’ names reflect some of the beauty of a rainbow:

  1. Akiko: “bright child”
  2. Etsuko: “joy child”
  3. Miku: “beautiful sky”

What should I name my rainbow baby?

Choosing a name for your rainbow baby is a deeply personal decision that should be done with great care. As well as names that mean rainbow, you may want to consider names that reflect the emotional journey you’ve been on.

  1. Hope: Because, whatever, hope is always here.
  2. Joy: Because your rainbow baby came with so much joy.
  3. Patience: Because you have patiently waited for your rainbow baby.

Which names are good for a rainbow girl?

  1. Abigail: The Hebrew meaning of Abigail is “brings joy” or “my father’s joy.”
  2. Aiko: A beautiful Japanese name, this name means “little loved one.”
  3. Alana: This Latin name means “precious” or “awakening.”
  4. Amala: From Arabic origins, it means “hope.”
  5. Amara: This Latin name means “to love” or “everlasting.”
  6. Amy: A rare profound Latin name, this name means “beloved.”
  7. Ayah: A name of Arabic origin, meaning “miracle.”
  8. Beatrice: This Latin name means “blessed.”
  9. Dorothea: “Gift of God”
  10. Evangeline: “Good news”
  11. Evelyn: This French name  means “life.”
  12. Gwyneth: This lyrical Welsh name means “happiness”.
  13. Hannie: In Hebrew, Hannie means “God has favored me.”
  14. Karisma: A Greek name that simply means “gift.”
  15. Kioko: Of Japanese origin, Kioko means “child
  16. Mireille: This French name is associated with many positive meanings, such as “wonderful” and “peace.”
  17. Mireya: This name means “admired” in Spanish.
  18. Nadia: This popular Russian name means “hope.”
  19. Nina: This tender Spanish name means “little girl.”
  20. Priya: This Sanskrit name means “beloved.”
  21. Sachi: This cheerful Japanese name means “child of joy.”
  22. Theodora: This name means “Gift from God.”
  23. Winifred: This Old Welsh and English name mean “joy and peace.”

What are some rainbow baby names for boys?

  1. Abrik: This Sanskrit name means “precious like gold.”
  2. Alan: This German name means “precious.”
  3. Amil: Amil is Another name with Sanskrit origins, Amil means “one who hopes.”
  4. Antonio: A name of Spanish and Italian origin that means “priceless.”
  5. Arnan: From Hebrew, Arnan means “joyful.”
  6. Asher: this name is another “happy” name of Hebrew origin.
  7. Ata: This Arabic name means “gift, ancestor.”
  8. Bennett: A name Of Latin origin, this Bennett means “bless”
  9. Bogdan: A  name of Ukrainian and Russian origin that means “gift from God.”
  10. Bonaventure: This positive name, derived from Latin, means “good fortune.”
  11. Caius: A name of Latin origin, Caius means “rejoice.”
  12. Cayo: This is the Spanish version of Caius, with the same joyful meaning.
  13. Felix: “Happy, fortunate”
  14. Gilbert: A name of Old French origin, this name means “bright promise.”
  15. Isaac: A name of biblical origin given to a longed-for child, this name means “one who rejoices” or “one who laughs.”
  16. Jonathan: popular Hebrew name that means “gift of God.”
  17. Onni: A  name of cheerful Finnish origin, Onni means “happiness, luck.”
  18. Phoenix: means hopeful, this name refers to the legendary bird that rises from the ashes to live again.
  19. Saul: “Prayed for” in Hebrew
  20. Theodore: “Gift of God”
  21. Winston: A name from Old English with the strong and happy meaning of “joyful stone”
  22. Zorion: “Happiness” in Basque

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