Unique baby boy and girl names

Baby Boy & Girl Names

Deciding upon a beautiful and unique name for your upcoming child or newborn child is a daunting task. In this article, we have listed down some of the most unique and meaningful baby boy and girls names.

Baby boy

Some of the most unique baby boy names are:

  1. Aaric

Meaning – someone who is a Graceful ruler

  1. Aayden

Meaning- someone who is Fiery

  1. Ablamar

Meaning- A bright being

  1. Adair

Meaning- someone who is fortunate

  1. Adde

Meaning- someone of a Noble and kind

  1. Adem

Meaning- someone who is Brave

  1. Aeduuin

Meaning- A rich one

  1. Aelred

Meaning- A wise man

  1. Aftan

Meaning- someone who is Of Noble Birth

  1. Agyans

Meaning- someone of a Bright fame

  1. Aidric

Meaning- someone who is a Blessed Ruler

  1. Ailbric

Meaning- someone who is Noble

  1. Ailhiet

Meaning- someone who is Responsible

  1. Ailmar

Meaning- someone who is Highly sensitive

  1. Ailred

Meaning- someone who is Idealistic

  1. Aindrea

Meaning- someone who is Strong

  1. Airell

Meaning- a Nobleperson

  1. Alduin

Meaning- A wise friend

  1. Baanan

Meaning- someone who is Smart and knowledgeable

  1. Bahz

Meaning- someone who is Faithful

  1. Baldrick

Meaning- someone with Power and bravery

  1. Balizs

Meaning- someone who is Close to heart

  1. Balther

Meaning- a Saint

  1. Bardoul

Meaning- A bright wolf

  1. Barnabus

Meaning- the Son of comfort

  1. Barnet

Meaning- someone who is Of noble birth

  1. Baseem

Meaning- someone who is Smiling

  1. Basilio

Meaning- someone of Noble, high birth

  1. Baudier

Meaning- someone who is Innocent

  1. Bazyl

Meaning- someone who is Royal

  1. Cadabyr

Meaning- The one from a warrior town

  1. Cadwallon

Meaning- A king

  1. Caelin

Meaning- The one like the heaven

  1. Caledon

Meaning- A tough person

  1. Casukhela

Meaning- A warrior’s name

  1. Catgual

Meaning- someone who has an imaginative soul

  1. Ceadil

Meaning- A versatile person

  1. Cebbi

Meaning- A friendly person

  1. Cenbret

Meaning- An energetic person

  1. Cenfus

Meaning- An unsophisticated soul

  1. Dacey

The one from noble background and lineage

  1. Dac

A person who has a practical nature

  1. Dack

Someone with a deeper sense of what is going around

  1. Daelga

Someone who is very passionate and genuine

  1. Daewon

Someone who is merciful



Baby girl


  1. Aget

Meaning- One who is like diamonds

  1. Aamber

Meaning- A precious and rare stone

  1. Abelota

Meaning- Someone who is very balanced in nature

  1. Abigale

Meaning- The joy of Yahweh

  1. Absidee

Meaning- The one who impresses others

  1. Adda

Meaning- Someone who is a beautiful addition to the family

  1. Aeileua

Meaning- Someone who is pleasant to be around

  1. Aelgifu

Meaning- A bright gift

  1. Aemy

Meaning- A beloved person to be around

  1. Agnes

Meaning- Someone who is chaste

  1. Ahuva

Meaning- Someone who is very liked and loved

  1. Bailey

Meaning- A goddess

  1. Baisley

Meaning- Someone who is majestic

  1. Baldgiua

Meaning- An attentive person

  1. Barbara

Meaning- Appropriate

  1. Bayle

Meaning- Someone who is very beautiful

  1. Beatriz

Meaning- Someone who brings joy

  1. Belet

Meaning- Someone who is free-spirited

  1. Benthe

Meaning- Someone who is blessed

  1. Beonna

Meaning- A strong and independent woman

  1. Berniece

Meaning- Someone who brings in the victory

  1. Berti

Meaning- Someone who shines bright and noble

  1. Caelyn

Meaning- Someone who is pure

  1. Caleah

Meaning- Someone who is known for her beauty

  1. Canzada

Meaning- Someone who is pure and innocent

  1. Careen

Meaning- Someone who is free-spirited

  1. Dailyn

Meaning- A pretty flower

  1. Dalenna

Meaning- The precious little jewel

  1. Damisona

Meaning- Someone who is brave and intelligent

  1. Dandra

Meaning- A brave woman


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