Baby Food Recipes: Homemade Food Items

Baby Food Recipes Homemade Food Items

As a parent, you need to start preparing your infant toward weaning. Research has shown that exclusive breastfeeding should be observed for six months. The reason why exclusive breastfeeding should be a mandatory practice is that an infant needs to get essential nutrients from its mother for self-sustainability over mild illnesses. However, you can decide to stop breastfeeding a child after six months, depending on your discretion.

The process of weaning shouldn’t be rushed because the digestive system of your infant is not fully ready to start digesting solid food. However, it is your duty to train your child in few months before clocking a year in accepting semi-solid food. Moreover, there are food items that can cause some allergic reaction in your child. So, you should gradually take your steps in discovering food recipes that are befitting for your child as you delight in its growth. Interestingly, some infants can get so used to breastfeeding, they will never for once accept other forms of food. At this point, you can begin complementing breast milk with other semi-solid foods to help your child develop a digestive system that can accommodate adult food items in the course of growing up as a toddler.

You can help your child cultivate a new feeding habit by introducing baby food in the course of observing the weaning phase. You don’t have to look for far-fetched ideas before you can make baby food recipes from your kitchen. There are various food recipes in which you can pick inspiration from in making your own baby food. These recipes which are explained below will help you understand how to prepare baby food in the quickest fashion.



  1. Banana puree

Bananas are common food you can get a hold of to make a fast puree for your child. Bananas are high in potassium and fiber which are mild for babies. When mashed properly, bananas can become a juicy food recipe that can become your child’s favorite. However, you shouldn’t consider giving this food recipe consistently because of the side effect, which is constipation. Upon your discretion, you can add a little breast milk to make the taste suitable for your baby in the course of turning the food into a paste.


  1. Avocado puree

This is one of the best food recipes you should consider giving your child in the course of its growth. The reason is that Avocado contains nutrients which can help your child develop a good brain as well as a good body. The interesting part is a child may want to reject this food at the first trial. To make your child accept this food, you can assist with breast milk, pending the time your child gets used to the food.


  1. Carrot puree

You don’t need to have an expert skill on how to prepare baby food such as this. Carrots are a rich source of antioxidant introduction, together with being a good source of vitamin A, for improving vision.*


  1. Avocado and Banana puree

It is expected that an infant will repel a food recipe like an avocado. The same way adults have preferences for food, the same also applies to babies. However, introducing baby food such as avocado and banana puree can become a nice combination for a child that refuses to accept avocado. Interestingly, the sweet flavor in bananas can rob off the flavor of the avocado, making it difficult for a child to notice the taste of avocado when served as food.


  1. Papaya puree

You shouldn’t be in a rush to give this puree to a child that is not up to seven months. The reason is that papaya contains some acidic components that may be too strong for your child to ingest properly. As soon as your child has got to seven months, you can introduce this food, and watch how it acts as a good antioxidant. If your child happens to be having issues with constipation, the papaya formula which you have produced can help put a stop to the illness.



  1. Whitefish mixed with carrot and leek

It is high time you started introducing foods that have a mixture of seafood taste. You can make a puree out of these selected food items. Originally, fish are rich in omega-3 which can improve the central nervous system. On the other hand, leeks are good at improving cardiovascular help, while carrots take the place of providing antioxidants for the body.



  1. Spinach along with white yam

Yam with a mixture of mixture of spinach is very rich in calcium and iron, which can help your child develop strong bones and teeth. Interestingly, spinach can as serve as the first food course that introduces your child to vegetable duet.


  1. Baby brown rice

Rice is one of the first contact solid food given to babies that have been weaned. When mashed with a little water, this food item can provide the foundation with which your child can start accepting solid food. Brown coated cereals are rich in fiber. Therefore, you rest assure that your child can get the right nutrients to aid speedy growth.

There are other homemade food items from which you can choose your recipes to create a delightfully delicious meal for your baby. When mashed into a puree, your baby can receive this meal with ease.


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