Weird baby names for boys and girls

Weird baby names for boys and girls

For many expectant parents, traditional and classic baby names for boys and girls, just don’t cut it. It’s almost as if an unofficial contest is underway to see who can come up with the most unusual name for their baby boy or girl. Exposure to eccentric celebrity name choices has created a culture that actually embraces Weird Baby Names like these!

Weird baby names for boys and girls

Each year, approximately 73 percent of the nation’s baby names are listed on the Social Security Administration‘s Top 1,000 list. Every name that appears on the annual list – even the weirdest – had at least five occurrences in that year.

Names of things

There’s a growing trend to name a little after something special, rather than someone special. These list of “noun names” are taking the nation by storm:

For girls

  • Autumn
  • Azalea
  • Diamond
  • Ember
  • Karma
  • Journey
  • Juniper
  • Miracle
  • River
  • Sky
  • Summer
  • Trinity
  • Winter

For boys

  • Crew
  • Fisher
  • Legend
  • Lyric

Names of places

Destination baby names are more popular than ever and go way beyond Georgia and Dakota.

For girls, traditional place names like Virginia and Savannah trail behind the newcomers:

  • America
  • Asia
  • Aspen
  • Brooklyn
  • Fatima
  • Guadalupe
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Milan
  • Phoenix

Boy names are really going places:

  • Dayton
  • Houston
  • Hudson
  • Memphis
  • Princeton
  • Zaire

Virtue baby names

It was kind of weird that 17th-century colonial parents gave their children virtue baby names for boys and girls, and it’s even weirder than the concept is back!

For girls, names like Faith and Grace have stood the test of time, and now we’re seeing a resurgence of other virtuous monikers. 2012 brought us the name Sincere for a boy, but most virtue baby names are for girls:

  • Cherish
  • Destiny
  • Felicity
  • Harmony
  • Hope
  • Liberty
  • Patience
  • Serenity
  • Temperance

Weird spellings

Parents are making too-common names more unique by changing up the spelling. With the addition of extra letters in unexpected places, an ordinary name can become extraordinarily weird.

For girls, it’s all about interchanging vowels and Ys. Addison, for example, becomes Addisyn or Addyson and Ariana becomes Aryana.

  • BaileyBaileeBayleeBayleigh
  • CarlyCarleeCarleighCarleyCarlie
  • CharlieCharleeCharleighCharley, Charli
  • EmilyEmelyEmileeEmilie, Emmalee               
  • Haley: Hailee, Hailey, Haleigh, Haylee, Hayleigh, Hayley, Haylie
  • Macy: Macey, Maci, Macie
  • Madelyn: Madalyn, Madalynn, Madelynn, Madilyn, Madilyn
  • Miriam: Maryam
  • Payton: Peyton, Paityn


For boys, it’s fun to figure out what clever new spellings are supposed to represent.

  • Donte
  • Ean
  • Immanuel
  • Izayah
  • Jaidyn
  • Justus
  • Karsen
  • Mayson
  • Ulises

Combined names

For girls, names like Aubrey and Audrey mix with other classics to set new trends like Aubriana, Aubrielle, and Audrianna.

If you are looking for unique names, you can try our tool called Name Combiner.

  • Braylee, Braelyn, and Brynlee
  • Cataleya
  • Gracelynn
  • Jaylee, Jaylene, and Jaylynn
  • Jazlyn
  • Raelyn
  • Sherlyn
  • Skyla

For boys, combine Brock and Hogan to get Brogan.

  • Brycen
  • Damarion
  • Draven
  • Gilberto
  • Kyson
  • Maxton
  • Rogelio
  • Tristian
  • Urijah

Names with lots of vowels

When in doubt, add vowels: side-by-side and as many as possible.

For girls, you can’t go wrong with double vowels:

  • Aaliyah, Aileen, Aisha, Aiyana, Aleah, Aleena, Avianna, Azariah
  • Bianca, Briella, Cailyn, Ciara, Daniela, Destinee
  • Eliana, Emilia, Galilea, Hailee, Harlee, Iliana
  • Jaelyn, Jaida, Janae, Jaycee, Jayleen, Journee
  • Kaelynn, Kaira, Kaiya, Keina, Kiana, Kylee
  • Lailah, Leighton, Leila, Lilliana, Lorelei, Luciana
  • Maeve, Maleah, Marlee, Miah, Mikaela, Moriah
  • Natalee, Neveah, Noemi, Paislee, Paola
  • Raegan, Raelynn, Raina, Raylee, Reese, Ryleigh
  • Saavi, Saige, Sarai, Siena, Sloane
  • Tamia, Tatiana, Teagan, Thalia, Tiana
  • Valeria, Yesenia, Zaria, Zion, Zoie

For boys, the names go way beyond Aaron and Isaac:

  • Aaden, Aarav, Abdiel, Adriel, Aidyn, Ameer, Arian, Austyn, Ayaan
  • Bentlee, Blaine, Braiden, Brodie, Brooks, Cael, Caiden, Chaim
  • Damarion, Darian, Dariel, Dario, Davian, Deegan, Dorian
  • Easton, Efrain, Elian, Eliseo, Emiliano, Ezequiel
  • Gael, Gaige, Giovanny, Graeme, Hezekiah
  • Isai, Isaias, Ishaan, Jadiel, Jairo, Jamarion, Jasiah, Javion, Jionni, Josue, Joziah, Juelz
  • Kaeden, Keaton, Keenan, Kian, Kyrie
  • Leandro, Leonel, Leonida, Lucian
  • Makai, Malakai, Maximiliano, Misael, Moises
  • Noel, Oakley, Raiden, Reid, Rylee
  • Teagan, Thiago, Tyree, Uriel, Vaughn, Vihaan
  • Yousef, Zaid, Zaiden, Zain, Zion

Just plain weird

Then there are the names that are just, well, weird. But remember, weird isn’t bad, it’s just… different!

For girls, there is never a shortage of strange new labels:

  • Abri
  • Adley
  • Amina
  • Amya
  • Arely
  • Belen
  • Collins
  • Dulce
  • Hadassah
  • Itzel
  • Jolie
  • Litzy
  • Saniyah
  • Taliyah
  • Ximena
  • Yamileth
  • Yareli
  • Yaritza

For boys, there are a lot of double vowels and seemingly unpronounceable names:

  • Abdiel
  • Aditya
  • Agustin
  • Axton
  • Breckon
  • Bridger
  • Callum
  • Hamza
  • Hezekiah
  • Krish
  • Semaj
  • Xavi
  • Yahuda
  • Yandel

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