5 Healthy Pregnancy Tips for first time moms

5 Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Before talking about pregnancy tips, first, let us briefly talk about deciding to have a child with a partner. Many couples do not take into account how difficult it can be to have a baby and even become pregnant. And perhaps this is one of those moments that strengthen or make more problems crop up in relationships. So if for example, you and your partner are having fertility problems, should have provided better communication and planning the next steps.

Among the first things as a couple should do when it comes to conceiving, especially if they have fertility problems because you know they are treatments that require time and money. For example, there are couples who have to borrow to make in vitro fertilization, which are expensive, and that may have several implications. Because in addition to the stress of knowing whether the treatment will work, or if it will be money lost, even if they conceive will have economic concerns.

Knowing that getting pregnant is a very difficult and stressful affair, during both you and your partner can focus much on themselves and forget both are in a mate, to the point that the only thing they talk about is that. But remember that your relationship needs care too, so it’s good that while in the process of getting pregnant do more things together.

That does not mean to ignore the issue completely, but you are given enough time, do not have to be every time they talk. Think about your relationship as the space where they can choose the topics that are left out and those left inside. They can even take ten to twenty minutes every day to discuss the issue and to share concerns and hopes.

5 Healthy Pregnancy Tips

What are good pregnancy tips?

Before you can carry on your new baby, you need to take care of yourself and your unborn child. here are some steps to follow during pregnancy.

How to feel good during pregnancy?

Pregnancy causes significant changes in the body of the mother and many of them can become a terrible nuisance. Every pregnant woman experiences during this stage, some common discomforts such as breast tenderness, swelling, pain in the waist, headaches, hemorrhoids, bladder problems, heartburn, and indigestion.

Unfortunately for others, will not be as good luck and must cope with constipation, nosebleeds, and nausea that can last morning, in some cases all day.

Major upset in pregnancy

There may also be nights of insomnia, snoring when she finally achieves some sleep, and vivid dreams. The leg pains, cramping, and frequent urination are just some discomforts. In some cases, women tend to have candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, bleeding gums, stretch marks, rhinitis, hemorrhoids, and itching and burning skin. When the belly gets bigger by the passage of months, a dark line appears below the navel, which does not mean anything bad, but for many is a source of disgust. Fatigue is increased especially in the first three months. This is because the body is beginning to support the development and growth of the baby.

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How to cope with discomfort in pregnancy?

Fortunately, there are several alternatives that serve as helpful to know weather these evils and make these months may be experienced in calm and happy as it should be.

The first is rest, now the body to cry more hours of relaxation for the baby’s nutrition is adequate. It is also good, drink lots of fluid, eight to ten glasses of water daily to improve circulation by decreasing swelling and aiding digestion.

The diet during pregnancy should be eaten in smaller portions to achieve high levels of energy and reduce heartburn and nausea.

It is very important to have a workout, as well as control weight, improve sleep, reducing or controlling stress levels. Keep feet elevated while resting is good for preventing varicose veins and reduce the presence of cramps.

Cramps during pregnancy, how to prevent?

The cramps are other discomforts that occur during pregnancy and are very annoying, especially since you woke up in the middle of the night somewhere in the body stiff and sore.

They may be due to different causes, from the overload experienced by muscles during pregnancy, up to a deficit of minerals such as calcium, iron, and especially potassium, and even when there is an excess of phosphorus is that which is necessary to make periodic checks during the every month duration of the pregnancy.

To heal and cope is necessary to maintain adequate nutrition, healthy and balanced, which can resort to a nutritionist to give you a hand, you should also drink plenty of water in a day to stay hydrated and keep the body to functioning correctly.

Fruits such as bananas, which contain high levels of potassium, can be beneficial and cramps partly correct, in most cases is not necessary to use supplements more than those prescribed by your obstetrician-gynecologist you.

Another good recommendation since most of cramps in the legs, is circulatory exercise with stretching in the calves and the feet, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor.

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Food for pregnant women with overweight:

Many women who are overweight or obese and are pregnant can make two mistakes: thinking they should lose weight or keep eating in a way that is not healthy. All because it is a good time to diet or cut calories, but a good time to feed you in a way that will give their baby more nutrients to grow in perfect condition.

Among the recommendations made to you, if you’re one of these women is that of eating small meals between the main and cause them not very large, eat fruits and vegetables of different ways to not get bored and cut to various vegetables your breakfast eggs, put cucumber sandwiches and apples and bits of berries, peaches or apples in your salads.

You are also recommended for the unsaturated fat, which are healthy oils such as canola, peanut, and olive oil, trans fat on those that can affect your health as palm oil, animal fats and margarine, fried foods and avoids white flour, to prevent you gain more weight than they should in your state.

How many kilos should gain during pregnancy?

It has become almost customary for the stage of gestation, the mother passing on the burden should be. According to experts, the pregnancy weight should gain as the body mass index of each woman. For 20 years, the correct weight of each woman has been increasing and this could be one of the causes of childhood obesity.

It is very important that women start from pre-pregnancy care, if they are close to ideal weight before pregnancy, benefits will increase for both her and her baby, the opposite, if the mother has problems of obesity, must that is fed in an appropriate manner and closely monitored each month.

According to some studies, if a woman gaining more than 18 kilos during the months of gestation, the risk of giving birth will be higher, since your baby will weigh over 4 kilos difficult labor and the expulsion of the child. It also increases the risk of tearing, bleeding, and you perform a cesarean, the mother being so badly mistreated, we can not ignore security and risk to the newborn.

The expected woman has a rise between 4.5 and 5 kilos at the first five months, i.e., one kilo per month, and then must go up half a kilo per week until her due date. The most important thing is that a woman is feds the best and keep track with a doctor at each month following the proper development of baby.

A healthy weight depends on the corporate mass index l, which amounts to a balanced relationship between height and weight. Women with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 should rise from 11 to 16 kilos during pregnancy. Those who are underweight, BMI less than 18.5 should rise 13 to 18 kilos and overweight women should only reach 7 to 11 kilos and obese women should only go up 5 to 9 kilos.

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Acne during pregnancy:

During pregnancy, your whole body undergoes a series of changes that make things for which you already are likely to worsen. One such case is acne and you’ve probably heard many women during these times are worst skin problems they already had before, all because hormone levels and other changes in your body make these things happen.

Pregnancy can make you leave acne on the skin even if you’ve ever suffered for your life and if you already have can make it worse. Yet another good percentage of women ensure that the amount of acne suffering in this state is actually much less than they had when they were not pregnant, so it really is hard to predict what will happen to your skin.

Higher levels of hormones called androgens are responsible for the partial outbreaks of acne you suffer when you’re in this state because they are what make the sebaceous glands in your skin to become a larger and thus produce a greater amount of an oily substance called sebum consistency, making you go more pimples.

This extra fat makes you clog the pores, creating an environment in which bacteria can reproduce rapidly. All this makes your skin begins to swell and start to get acne. This condition may be mild and even severe; you may appear at any stage of your pregnancy, sometimes coming to take all this part of your life.

let us know if you have any questions about pregnancy tips.

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