5 Essential Self-care Tips for New Moms

5 Essential Self-care Tips for New Moms_mygirlynames.com

When you first become a mom, it’s easy to lose yourself in the whirlwind of nappies, night feeds and endless washing. But making time for yourself and building self-care into your routine is more important than ever when you first have a baby.

Becoming a mother changes your body, can challenge your mental and emotional health and redefines your sense of self. Taking time out to put yourself first is critical, yet All Things Hair reports that 68% of women have shifted their self-care practice since becoming mothers – and not for the better.

With that in mind, here are five easy self-care tips that you can build into your life as a new mom.

5 Essential Self-care Tips for New Moms_mygirlynames.com

1. Let your hair dry naturally

Between 8 and 16 weeks after giving birth, many women experience postpartum hair loss, which can take months to correct itself. Taking blow-drying out of your routine and letting your hair dry naturally can help give it a chance to recover from the hormonal stress of becoming a mom. It also means you have a few extra minutes to yourself each day, so why not use that time to file your nails, make a smoothie, put a song on and dance… anything that gives you a little boost.

2. Go easy on your skin

Postpartum acne can be a pain, but you can help to avoid it, or at least reduce it, by taking care over what you put on your face. Washing your face twice daily with a soft facecloth, warm water and a super mild cleanser should help clear your skin in no time.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Both your hair and your skin will benefit from your drinking plenty of water. Dehydration and dry skin are both a risk in the early weeks of motherhood, so keep a bottle of water next to your feeding station and be sure to hydrate yourself during every feed, as well as in between times. There are hydration apps available if tracking your water consumption and reminders to drink more might help keep you motivated.

4. Don’t bleach your hair

Another haircare tip for new moms is to avoid bleaching your tresses for a few months. Bleach isn’t kind to hair, so using it too soon after giving birth could increase your risk of problematic postpartum hair loss. It’s time to embrace your natural color for a while!

5. Use plenty of sun cream

If you suffered from melasma during pregnancy, it might take a while for it to fade postpartum, as your hormones gradually rebalance from the rollercoaster they’ve been on. You can help increase the chance of your skin returning to normal by avoiding too much sun exposure and ensuring that you wear sun cream of at least factor 30.

All of the above tips can help your body to thrive during the early stages of motherhood. They are easy to adhere to and can help you to look and feel better as you embrace this wonderous and often exhausting new phase of your life.

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