How to Save Money on Baby Clothes?

How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

Experienced parents know the struggle, some baby and toddler clothing pieces has to be thrown away before you even get to wear them once. All this because of one single reason – they grow up so fast! And I need so many clothing pieces along the way…What is the best advice to be frugal when it comes to buying children’s clothing?

How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

Sell old baby clothes online

There are hundreds of marketplaces that allow moms and dads to sell their children’s clothing online. Look for a local children’s clothing marketplace or simply sell your clothes on Facebook.

Buy second-hand baby clothes online

If you are selling your clothing online anyways, make sure to buy some clothing as well. This way you will not only make some of the money back, but you will save on new clothing as well. Global warming is happening whether we like it or not, making sure we reuse and produce less new clothing is important as ever!

Make your own baby clothing pieces!

This was a surprise for me when I started asking moms and dads around, how they save money when it comes to making sure their children have enough clothes to wear, but! Some handy moms and dads save money by buying DIY clothing sewing patterns and making as many of the same garments as they want.

This felt even more genius when I realized… DIY children’s clothing pattern comes in different sizes! And we all know what that means. This means you can remake the same romper for your babies when they are just born and keep remaking new ones up until they turn 6 years old.

Do you need to know a lot about sewing to make your own baby clothing?

Of course, in order to save money by making your clothing, you need to have a sewing machine, know what interfacing is and understand the basics of sewing. At least that’s what I thought until one of my mom’s friends showed me sewing instructions that sewing patterns come with. They were so simple and easy to follow even if you never ever tried to make anything in your life.

I know that most people reading this article might disregard this last tip and will never make their own baby’s clothing, but if that’s something that got your attention… Look up a sewing pattern shop like Otter Patterns or simply browse on Etsy. You will be amazed by how much money you can save by simply making your own clothing at home.

Stay frugal!

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