How to keep your baby healthy during Monkeypox

How to keep your baby healthy during Monkeypox-min

All around us, there is always sickness even during the covid pandemic, especially with new sicknesses such as the current Monkeypox virus.

How to keep your baby healthy during Monkeypox-min

What is the Monkeypox?

According to MyGirlyNames Monkeypox is caused by infection of the virus itself. Just like similar with Chickenpox, it can cause infection through the skin. That is why it’s so important to keep up with your child’s health.

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Some ways to help keep your baby healthy during this time is feeding them natural food to help with their immune system and overall health. Such as:

– Pumpkin
– Sweet Potato
– Brown Rice
– Blueberries
– Root Vegetables

For mothers who are breastfeeding, regularly take Vitamin A and C regularly. What we just mentioned is also great with toddlers as well.

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Another thing children can be very curious with the world out there, try not to let your baby get in contact with any wild animals such as birds and squirrels so it won’t affect anyone from getting sick along with people who might be affected. Lastly, make sure you check in with the doctor or a health professional regularly even during these moments.

Not keeping up with your child’s health can have a higher chance of catching it.

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