Preschool Getting Your Kids Ready for the Future

Preschool: Getting Your Kids Ready for the Future

It is the joy of parents to see their kids grow into responsible children that can fend for themselves without a thorough supervision from an adult or guardian, courtesy of a good learning background. Interestingly, it is also great to have kids placed in a good condition, so that they can start learning habits which will make them ready for proper schooling. The reason why preschool is necessary is that a kid needs to be in the right frame of mind for the purpose of learning skills for a glorious future. So, you need to properly guide a kid so that getting into their new school will become easier as expected. On this account, here are some of the things your kids are expected to know before they get into school.

  1. Speaking :

Teaching a kid how to speak is the job of the parent. Studies have shown that a child’s brain is fully developed at the age of five. A kid can start acquiring speech as early as one. The reason is that kids start learning how to speak by the reason of the environment they are exposed to- kids learn by imitation. So you can start using the listen and repeat technique to help your child in child development. You can understand that a child may be trying to find its feet to decipher the sounds which are used for conveying ideas.



  1. Emotional balance :

It is essential that your child becomes emotionally stable before getting into school. So, whatever habit your kid is used to will play out itself when alone in the midst of other kids. It is essential that parents exhibit the best behavior, which a kid can pick and emulate in the course of its life and growth. An emotionally imbalanced child will find it difficult to go through the child development process because the mind of a child needs to be guided by an emotionally stable parent. At present, many schooling agencies are saddled with the responsibility of dealing with an emotionally imbalanced child because these habits were once picked by a child while in the midst of a parent or close siblings—such experiences are always burdensome.


  1. Social skills :

Apart from learning how to speak, a child should also know how to listen to conversations in order to decode the meanings embedded in them. In the course of seeing children grow, you will notice that they start shifting towards a particular temperament. Regardless of the kind of temperament kids adopt, they should be able to speak fluently and confidently in a socially isolated gathering. A kid should not be too shy to sustain a conversation. The reason is that confident minds are open to learning, as well as questioning every learning process, unlike a timid mind that chooses to stay in a reserved corner, with the intentions of not getting noticed. You will be amazed at the giant strides your kid can achieve at a tender age, by the reason of the confidence that has been nurtured in them.


  1. Potty training :

You should be able to train your kids to get to a stage whereby they can handle a potty with less supervision. The aspect of this training all boils down to how a parent has chosen to handle a kid. It can be quite messy for teachers to focus attention on a child that cannot take an excuse for before using a potty. Rather, the child, in question, unknowingly decides to create a mess for the whole class. A kid should be given a proper potty training before getting an enrollment in a school. The idea is to get teachers to do their jobs easily, without focusing on a special attention on a child that doesn’t have a sufficient training on the use of the potty.


  1. Personal hygiene :

Inasmuch as you are rearing your children for schooling proper, you should make them learn personal hygiene. Purposefully, you are making them aware of the importance of staying clean. Naturally, children are expected to come home dirty after a long day at school, but you can make your children unique by virtue of the training you gave them. Moreover, personal hygiene can also translate to disposing litter properly. Staying clean is a social etiquette. So, as your children grow, you will expect them to have a responsibility of maintaining a clean lifestyle instinctively.


  1. Self-feeding :

A kid that is about to be enrolled in a school should be able to feed itself unassisted. If you decide not to teach your kids how to feed, you rest assured that your kid will be coming home from school looking unhealthy after some months. Simple activities such as handling a spoon or drinking from a cup should be habits that are learnt in the course of getting ready for schooling.

On this note, you should not be rigid about your approach to teaching a child to self-sustain itself. The reason is that every child has the pace and space with which it has to learn. So, you shouldn’t be too eager to push them off to school when they are not ready. Take some time to allow them to learn, and you will be amazed at how they will perform in a school when you eventually enroll them.


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