Newborn Checklist: Accessories Needed for babies

Newborn Checklist Accessories Needed for Meeting the Demands of Gestation

Child-rearing and bearing come with a lot of demands, especially for couples who are planning to have babies soon. Therefore, couples are expected to be preparing a checklist of baby items for the unborn child that has been conceived. As responsible parents, the list of things you need for a baby should be in place, so that you don’t have to make late decisions in planning how to get cash to purchase them at a later hour.

In the course of receiving a new baby into your home, you should consider planning things up in both ways. A new baby is the delight of newly wedded couples, especially. However, new couples can be bereft of ideas concerning the required newborn checklist they should have in place to prepare for a baby. The list of things you need for a baby weeks before your wife goes into labor should be set in order to relieve you off an extensive baby daddy duties. In order to prepare for a baby, here are some items that can help you after gestation.  All you have to do is buy them as early as you can, in order not to deprive you child of proper care and safety.


  1. Feeding Accessories

After delivering a child, there are other challenges that precede it. One of such is finding it difficult to breastfeed a baby. Sometimes, this fault may not be from the mother but the new baby. When a child refuses to suckle on its mother’s breast, it becomes a major problem. The breast starts swelling proportionately, causing pain to the mother. At this hour, a feeding accessory such like a breast pump can come handy. The breast pump will not only relieve the pressure on an engorged breast but store up breast milk for the baby at whenever it demands for its meal .
There are other feeding accessories such as a pacifier, a feeding bottle or a hot water bottle, and a sterilizing bowl. All of these items mentioned should be included in your checklist during shopping.

  1. A bath/room thermometer

You need to have your room properly regulated for your child to ensure that your baby does not experience discomfort. The same also goes for the bath water that will be used in bathing it. All arrangements has to be in the right measurement and order so that you don’t put your baby in a frightful mood.



  1. A medical thermometer

A parent that has welcomed a new baby should be prepared to check its temperature in order to detect irregular fluctuations. Most times, the cause of illness in a child may  necessarily not be from a parasite, but could stem from the fact that your child has started teething. Having a thermometer can help you check up on your child whenever you are not satisfied with its condition.

  1. Baby crib

You wouldn’t want to share a bed with your baby or allow it to roll off from your bed without your notice during sleep. A baby crib not only separates your baby from getting an injury from a terrible fall off your bed but also creates the demarcation that can cause a mother to suffocate her child.

  1. Plug/socket covers

It can be painful to see a new couple lose a child to electrocution. A child can be that innocent, yet suffer some consequences, stemming from an ignorant action. Becoming a good parent can also mean being able to keep a child successfully from causing harm to itself. In order not to run the risk of an electrocution, you can purchase socket covers to protect your child from placing its tiny fingers into socket holes, resulting in a shocking accident.

  1. Baby detectors

You can have cameras installed in places in which you can watch out for your child. Babies, when they begin crawling, may innocently walk through all your apartment freely. However, baby detectors can help get a picture of the activities of your baby, even if you have to be in another place within your apartment.

  1. Stairs gate

If you happen to stay in a one-story apartment, you need to provide stairs gates for your crawling or walking child to prevent them from sustaining multiple injuries from an accident that could have been averted. You don’t want to see your child grow with up a permanent scar for the rest of life.



  1. Smoke/carbon monoxide detector

The fact that you have a baby detector does not mean that you shouldn’t install a smoke detector in order to raise an alarm over an incident that can be life-threatening. A smoke incident can go as far as killing your child in your absence.

As you prepare for the arrival of your unborn child, you should also take out some time to get baby items in place. Apart from the assistance these items can render for expectant mother in terms of giving proper care, some of these baby checklists can help you save the life of a child from imminent dangers, especially at times when parents have their guards down. However, if you have insufficient income to purchase all of these items at once, you can start keeping some money towards the day you eventually see your child get delivered, prompting you to start ticking the items that are most important to the arrival of your baby.

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