20 Cute Ways to Introduce Your New Baby on Your Christmas Cards

20 Ways to Introduce Your New Baby on Your Christmas Cards

As the holiday season approaches, you may be thinking about how to introduce your new baby to your family and friends. One of the best ways to do this is to send out Christmas cards with your new little one’s picture on them! This will not only spread the holiday cheer but also let everyone know about your new arrival.

20 Cute Ways to Introduce Your New Baby on Your Christmas Cards

If you are not sure how to go about this, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will give you some super cute ideas for ways to introduce your new baby on your Christmas cards. So, read on and get started on your holiday preparations!

1. The Splash of Colours Christmas Card

The Splash of Colours Christmas Card

I bet everyone loves pretty colored cards with exquisite floral designs. The classic contrast of reds and greens against a white background and silverish touch against the red background is hard to take eyes off. The beautiful floral and leaf patterns would frame your family photo so well. Best!

2. The Retro Style Christmas Card

The Retro Style Christmas Card

If you are a frequent social media user, you might know how popular retro effects are nowadays. What is other better card idea than a black and white photo against a colorful design? With all honesty, this is one of the cutest ways to capture and share happy family moments with your friends via a Christmas card. You can’t tell me otherwise!

3. Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Sometimes, keeping it plain, simple, and cute works way well. This time, the whole card space is taken over by a nice, happy, full of giggles family photo with the added happy holiday popped-up text. The ‘happy’ takes the lead here with funky colors that are hard to ignore.

4. The Modern Photo Strip

The Modern Photo Strip

We understand how hard it can be to pick the best photos of your little one, especially when deciding on x-mas cards with photos. No worries, I have the perfect and cutest solution for you. This photo collage holiday card layout allows you to insert as many as nine memorable captures from various events. Isn’t it great?

 5. Fancy Cut Happy Holidays Card

Fancy Cut Happy Holidays Card

If you happen to be someone that has a soft corner for fancy and funky card cuts and designs, this one might be the one for you. It looks super elegant with a slight pop of colorful text. The card design resembles Christmas ornaments which I think is an adorable idea to please a loved one.

6. The Classic ‘tis The Season’ Card

The Classic ‘tis The Season’ Card

The nice little addition of red strips against a brown background is the perfect Christmas arrival reminder. The red, of course, is symbolic of x-mas while the brown hues remind of gingerbread and who doesn’t like it? A beautiful family photo insertion is all it would take to bring a smile to the faces of whoever receives the card.

 7. Watercolor Peace Holiday Cards

Sending You Peace and Joy

A pretty collage of your little one, along with a heartfelt and warm greeting, is the best combination ever. If you have difficulty deciding which holiday card to choose, I recommend opting for this one, as you can never go wrong with this evergreen card idea.

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8. Decorative Tidings Christmas Cards

Decorative Tidings Christmas Cards

The Decorative Tidings Christmas Card is extremely trendy and beautiful. By uploading your photos, you can make your card light up! With thousands of possible combinations, the colors, fonts, and patterns of this holiday card can be modified to perfectly match your style and taste. Use this card to express your holiday wishes to the most important people in your life! The Decorative Tidings Christmas Card is bound to be popular with your friends and family.

9. Newborn Nights Christmas Cards

Newborn Nights Christmas Cards


These Newborn Nights Christmas Cards are the perfect way to announce the arrival of your new baby. A flashy title is spelled out in elegant lettering just below your photo, with your due date separated from it by a single snowflake. These cards come in the classic colors of gold on dark blue, and they will match any of your loved ones’ homes perfectly.

10. More Merry Holiday Cards

More Merry Holiday Cards


These more Merry Holiday Cards bring the festive look of the holidays to your family and friends. With evergreen branches coming from all sides, handwriting text and classic print, and plenty of space for your photo, these cards can be anything and everything you need.

11. Vintage Boughs Christmas Cards

Vintage Boughs Christmas Cards


On a beautiful red background, Vintage Boughs Christmas Cards are perfect for your holiday greetings. Swirling calligraphy and elegant print fill the card, with a duo of thin, intricate boughs cradling your text and pointing toward your favorite photo to the right.

12. Antique Berries Christmas Cards

 Antique Berries Christmas Cards

Bring the spirit of Christmas’s past to your friends and family with these Antique Berries Cards. Leaves and berries make a circular frame for your picture, and the type of texts are set in a classic font and calligraphic script.

13. Classic Ribbon Christmas Cards

Classic Ribbon Christmas Cards

The Classic Ribbon Christmas Cards have a lovely nostalgic style that will make your photos look like they’re from another era. With a mix of clean-cut text and a flowing script, two customizable stripes, and three spots for your photos, you can turn these cards into the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

14. Pregnancy Photoshoot Christmas Cards

Pregnancy Photoshoot Christmas Cards

Pregnancy Photoshoot Christmas Cards are stylish- perfect for the holiday season! With beautiful golden stripes that streak diagonally across the background, an illustrated mistletoe at the top, modern font for the details, and three spots for your favorite photos, these cards will give you the chic style you want for your big announcement.

15. Hygge Holiday Christmas Cards

Hygge Holiday Christmas Cards

Hygge Holiday Christmas Cards feature the contemporary, festive flair you’re searching for this holiday season. These cards offer a classic style for your modern holiday, with foliage blossoming all around the photo, your greeting and family name set in clean-cut letters, and your photo framed in white.

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16 . Wishing you a very merry Christmas card

Wishing you a very merry Christmas card

This card serves as a clear and funky collage of photos of your new baby that will add meaning to your living room. Also, the pop of color in the background is going to impact pretty on the pictures of your loved ones. If you are looking for a clean, funky collage and pop background this Christmas card will be a good choice to introduce your new baby.

17 . Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Card

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Card

This Christmas, keep things simple with our plain Christmas card. The greeting at the top of this card is written in a gorgeous calligraphy-inspired typeface. Aside from the greeting, there is space for your family name, new baby name, and the year. The remainder of the design is devoted to your photograph. With this festive card, you can never go wrong!

18 . Happy Hand-Lettered Foil Christmas Cards

 With family Holiday Cards

With Happy Hand-Lettered Foil Christmas Cards, you may send warm wishes to family and friends during this season. Every card features your finest photo in the middle, surrounded by drawings of Christmas hues and pines and berries. On the top and bottom, your season’s greeting and family name are written in white color. To make these cards truly unique, experiment with different color and font combinations.

19. Traditional Christmas Cards

Traditional Christmas Cards

The most minimalist yet adorable card you will find. Serves a clear white background with all the possible traditional additions to it written in olive to add more enchantment to your new baby announcing, greetings, and celebrations making a day memorable for you and your loves ones!

20. First Christmas Photo Christmas Cards

First Christmas Photo Christmas Cards

These First Christmas Photo Christmas Cards are an excellent choice for those who have had a baby this year! Your friends and family members will love receiving this personalized card from you this holiday season!

If you are looking for a creative way to introduce your new baby on your Christmas cards this year, consider one of these super cute ideas. From using a festive prop to getting your other children involved, there are plenty of ways to make your Christmas cards extra special. For more ideas, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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