11 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week-by-Week

11 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Being 11 weeks pregnant brings a lot of excitement when your doctor tells you that the facial features of your baby are slowly maturing. When it comes to the condition of the mother, it is common to have unusual food cravings. These are due to hormonal changes in the body.

So, what happens to your body when you are 11 weeks pregnant? This is an important question asked by many pregnant women and is curious to know the answer. In today’s article, we will tell you about 11 weeks pregnant.

11 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week-by-Week

We recommend you to read this article in a thorough manner so that you grasp all the essential information and get the most out of it. Read on!

Breast Growth

This week, you will feel that your breasts are larger than before and with further progression of your pregnancy, you can expect to see more growth.

The primary reason behind the growing size of breasts is the formation of milk glands. In general, research shows that a pregnant woman – on average – has 3 pounds of breast tissue during pregnancy.

Vaginal Discharge

In the 11th week, you will have increased vaginal discharge. Unlike previous weeks, you will have a clearly visible discharge flow from your vagina. If the fluid is white, clear, and odorless, then it means there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if there is a foul odor, itchy feeling, and blood, then you need to see your doctor immediately.

Leg Cramps

These are common when you are 11 weeks pregnant. In this pregnancy week, you will have painful leg cramps at night. Consequently, your sleep will be disturbed. If you want to relieve leg cramps, as an exercise, you should start stretching because it is helpful.

In some women, the lack of adequate minerals in the body can lead to leg cramps. Therefore, you need to take care of your diet and take enough magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. It is important that you stay hydrated.

Dark Abdominal Line

Being 11 weeks pregnant also leads to the development of a dark and long line running vertically down your belly. This line is also known as the “pregnancy line.” The formation of the line is due to hormonal changes in the body. Keep in mind that the line will fade naturally and steadily after the birth of your baby.

Extreme Fatigue

Your pregnancy hormone known as progesterone has higher levels when you are 11 weeks pregnant. The higher levels of progesterone lead to dizziness, fatigue, and sleep. Heartburn, leg cramps, and extreme fatigue won’t even allow you to wake up easily in the middle of the night in case you want to go to the toilet. In this regard, doctors recommend pregnant women to keep their mind relax and stop consuming caffeine.

Mood Swings

You have rapidly altering moods and food cravings during the 11th -week pregnancy. It is important that you avoid stress and make sure to consume an adequate amount of iron and other essential minerals in your diet. To help cope with mood swings, pregnant women are often recommended to do yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or listening to relaxing music.

Lastly, being 11 weeks pregnant is a period that brings both small and large changes in your body. It is an important phase – so you need to be well-aware of bodily changes and consult your doctor to stay healthy. Good Luck!

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