Popular Welsh names for Boys

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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Ab Owen Welsh Son of Owen.
2 Aberthol Welsh Sacrifice.
3 Adda Welsh Welsh form of Adam 'of the red earth'.
4 Addolgar Welsh Devout.
5 Adwr Welsh Coward.
6 Aedd Welsh A king of Ireland.
7 Alawn Welsh Harmony.
8 Albanwr Welsh From Scotland.
9 Aled Welsh Offspring.

10 Alun Welsh From the Celtic Alan meaning harmony, stone, or noble.
11 Alwin Welsh From Alwyn.
12 Alwyn Welsh From Alwyn.
13 Amathaon Welsh Legendary son of Don.
14 Amerawdwr Welsh Emperor.
15 Amhar Welsh Legendary son of Arthur.
16 Amlawdd Welsh Legendary father of Goieuddydd.
17 Amren Welsh Legendary son of Bedwyr.
18 Amynedd Welsh Patient.
19 Amyneddgar Welsh Patient.
20 Anarawd Welsh Legendary father of Iddig.
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