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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Z'ev Hebrew Wolf.
2 Za'ir Muslim Visitor. Guest..
3 Zaa'ir Muslim Variant of Za'ir: Visitor. Guest..
4 Zaafir Muslim Variant of Zafir: Victorious..
5 Zaahid Muslim Variant of Zahid: Hermit. Devotee. Abstemious. Ascetic..
6 Zaahir Muslim Bright. Shining. Elevated..
7 Zaakir Muslim Variant of Zakir: Remembering. Grateful..
8 Zaanannim Biblical Movings, a person asleep.
9 Zaavan Biblical Trembling.

10 Zabad Biblical Dowry, endowed.
11 Zabbai Biblical Flowing.
12 Zabdi Biblical Dowry, endowed.
13 Zacarias Portuguese Jehovah has remembered.
14 Zacarias Spanish Remembered by God.
15 Zaccai Biblical Pure meat, just.
16 Zacchaeus Aramaic Pure.
17 Zacchaeus Hebrew Clean; pure. In the bible Zacchaeus was a tax collector who became a disciples of Jesus. This Database is Copyright Dogwood Technical Services Inc. 1995.
18 Zaccheus Biblical Pure, clean, just.
19 Zaccur Biblical Of the male kind; mindful
20 Zach English Variant of Zachariah and Zachary.
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