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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Kaamil Muslim Variant of Kamil: Complete. Perfect..
2 Kaarl Finnish Strong.
3 Kaarle Finnish Strong.
4 Kaarle French Strong and masculine.
5 Kaarlo Finnish Strong.
6 Kaarlo French Strong and masculine.
7 Kaashif Muslim Variant of Kashif: Revealing. Discoverer..
8 Kaazim Muslim Variant of Kazim: Restrainer. Controller of anger..
9 Kabandha Indian Ugly giant.

10 Kabzeel Biblical The congregation of God.
11 Kacey English Form of the Irish name Casey; also a creation based on the initials K. C.
12 Kachada NativeAmerican White man (Hopi).
13 Kadar Arabic Strong.
14 Kade Gaelic From the wetlands.
15 Kade Scottish From the wetlands.
16 Kaden Arabic Companion.
17 Kadesh Biblical Holiness.
18 Kadesh-barnea Biblical Holiness of an inconstant son
19 Kadin Arabic Companion.
20 Kadir Arabic Green.
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