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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Xabat Spanish Savior.
2 XabieF Basque Owns a new house.
3 Xalbador Spanish Savior.
4 Xalvador Spanish Savior.
5 Xander English Splendid.
6 Xanthus Greek A river god.
7 Xanthus Latin A river god.
8 Xanti Basque Named for Saint James.
9 Xarles French Manly.

10 Xavier Arabic Bright; splendid. See also Javier.
11 Xavier Basque Owns a new house.
12 Xavier Spanish Owns a new house.
13 Xeno Greek Strange voice.
14 Xenon Spanish Variant of Cenon: Receiver of life from Zeus.
15 Xenophon Greek Strange voice.
16 Xenos Greek Stranger.
17 Xenres Persian Prince.
18 Xerxes Greek Leaving.
19 Xever Spanish Owns a new house.
20 Ximen Hebrew God has heard.
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