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# Name Origin Meaning

1 Na'eem Muslim Variant of Na'im: Happiness. Benefits..
2 Na'ib Muslim Delegate. Substitute..
3 Na'il Muslim Acquirer. Earner..
4 Na'im Muslim Happiness. Benefits..
5 Naa'ib Muslim Variant of Na'ib: Delegate. Substitute..
6 Naa'il Muslim Variant of Na'il: Acquirer. Earner..
7 Naadim Muslim Variant of Nadim: Repentant. Regretful..
8 Naaji' Muslim Variant of Naji': Useful. Beneficial..
9 Naajy Muslim Variant of Najy: Safe..

10 Naal Irish Name of a saint.
11 Naalnish NativeAmerican He works (Navajo).
12 Naalyehe ya sidahi NativeAmerican Trader (Navajo).
13 Naam Biblical Fair, pleasant.
14 Naaman Hebrew Pleasant.
15 Naarah Biblical Young person.
16 Naarai Biblical Young person.
17 Naasah Muslim Variant of Nasah: Counselor. Advisor..
18 Naashaad Muslim Variant of Nashad: Unhappy. Morose..
19 Naashon Biblical That foretells, that conjectures.
20 Naasi Muslim Variant of Nasi': Obvious. Evident..
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