Popular Assyrian names for girls

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1 Adorina Assyrian One who helps F
2 Arbella Assyrian City in northern Iraq meaning four Idols. F
3 Arbella Assyrian Assyrian city (northern Iraq) meaning the four legendary knights. F
4 Arram Assyrian High or high place F
5 Ashurina Assyrian Female form of Ashur. It means knight of war. F
6 Athra Assyrian Country F
7 Bagiyeh Assyrian Name of a famous Assyrian girl. F
8 Baileet Assyrian One of the Assyrian legendary knights. F
9 Brula Assyrian Pearl. F

10 Brula Assyrian Pearl F
11 Damrina Assyrian Amazing F
12 Diyana Assyrian Assyrian village in Iraq F
13 Doreena Assyrian Assyrian village in Iraq. F
14 Doreena Assyrian Assyrian village in Iraq F
15 Dwura Assyrian A form of Deborah. It means bee. F
16 Emmita Assyrian Sweet mother F
17 Euphrates Assyrian The great river F
18 Ghezalle Assyrian Gazelle F
19 Hanuno Assyrian Lovely woman. F
20 Hanuno Assyrian A lovely woman. F
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