Popular Irish names for girls

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1 Abiageal Irish Irish form of Abigail. Brings joy. F
2 Adan Irish Little fire. F
3 Adara Irish From the ford at the oak tree. F
4 Adeen Irish Little fire. F
5 Afric Irish Pleasant. F
6 Africa Irish Pleasant. F
7 Agata Irish Kind. F
8 Agate Irish Kind. F
9 Aghadreena Irish From the field of the sloe bushes. F

10 Aghamora Irish From the great field. F
11 Aghaveagh Irish From the field of the old tree. F
12 Aghavilla Irish From the field of the old tree. F
13 Aghna Irish Irish form of Agnes. F
14 Ahana Irish From the little ford. F
15 Aidan Irish Little fire. F
16 Aideen Irish Little fire. F
17 Aifric Irish Pleasant. F
18 Aigneis Irish Pure. F
19 Ailbhe Irish Irish girl name that mean "noble, bright". F
20 Aileen Irish Variant of Eileen: Light. From the name Eibhlin, derived from Evelyn or Evelina. Light. F
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