Popular Armenian names for girls

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1 Anahid Armenian Armenian form of Diana the moon goddess. F
2 Ankine Armenian Valuable. F
3 Anoush Armenian Sweet tempered. F
4 Armenouhie Armenian Woman from Armenia. F
5 Dorantine Armenian Sea Pearl. F
6 Gadara Armenian From the top of a mountain. F
7 Gadarine Armenian From the top of a mountain. F
8 Lucine Armenian Moon. F
9 Margaid Armenian Armenian form of Margaret meaning pearl. F

10 Miriam Armenian Biblical name meaning rebellious. F
11 Nairi Armenian From Armenia. F
12 Serpuhi Armenian Holy. F
13 Shousnan Armenian Armenian form of Susan meaning lily. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia. F
14 Siran Armenian Beautiful. F
15 Sirpuhi Armenian Holy. F
16 Sirvat Armenian Beautiful rose. F
17 Takouhi Armenian Queen. F
18 Vartoughi Armenian Rose. F
19 Voshkie Armenian Golden. F
20 Zagir Armenian Flower. F


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