Popular Thai names for girls

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1 Achara Thai An angel who is very pretty or beautiful F
2 Anong Thai A gorgeous woman. F
3 Aom Thai To encircle F
4 Beam Thai Ray of light F
5 Boonsri Thai Beautiful F
6 Busarakham Thai Yellow sapphire F
7 Daw Thai Bright and beautiful stars F
8 Duangkamol Thai Right from the heart. F
9 Duanphen Thai Full moon F

10 Fern Thai A green, shade loving plant. A fern. F
11 Gan Thai The bold one. F
12 Hom Thai The sweet smell. F
13 Jane Thai God Is Gracious,A variant name of Jean F
14 Kannika Thai A beautiful flower F
15 Kanok Thai Design or pattern F
16 Kanokwan Thai Kanok means gold F
17 Karawek Thai A bird found in Thailand, bird F
18 Karnchana Thai A beautiful and lovely girl. F
19 Khun Mae Thai The honorable mother. F
20 Kohsoom Thai Lotus in Thai language. F


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