Popular Danish names for girls

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1 Abellona Danish Mannish. F
2 Agneta Danish Pure. F
3 Ailsa Danish Danish form of Elizabeth. F
4 Almeta Danish Pearl. F
5 Anndrea Danish Feminine form of Ander. F
6 Annelise Danish Graceful light. F
7 Annemette Danish Bitter pearl. F
8 Arvada Danish Eagle. F
9 Astrid Danish Divine strength. F

10 Bergitte Danish Danish form of Bridget. F
11 Britta Danish Danish form of Bridget. F
12 Clady Danish Danish form of Claudia. F
13 Dagmar Danish Famous day. Derived from a compound of two German words. Also, glory of the Danes. F
14 Dana Danish From Denmark. F
15 Dorothea Danish Danish form of Dorothy. F
16 Ebba Danish Strength. F
17 Else Danish Danish form of Elizabeth. F
18 Eva Danish Danish form of Eve. F
19 Federikke Danish Feminine form of Frederik. F
20 Gelsomina Danish Jasmine. F
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