Popular Russian names for girls

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1 Agafia Russian Russian form of Agatha. Good. F
2 Agnessa Russian Meek. F
3 Agrafina Russian Born feet first. F
4 Akilina Russian Eagle. F
5 Aleksandra Russian Defender of man. F
6 Alena Russian Russian form of Helen: light. Diminutive of Adelina: of the nobility. Noble. F
7 Alewndra Russian Defender of man. F
8 Alexis Russian Defender or helper. F
9 Alina Russian Beautiful. F

10 Amaliji Russian Russian form of Amelia: industrious. F
11 Anastasia Russian Reborn. F
12 Anechka Russian Grace. F
13 Anitchka Russian Grace. F
14 Ann Russian Variant of Hebrew Hannah. Favor. Grace. F
15 Anna Russian Grace. F
16 Annie Russian Variant of Hebrew Hannah. Favor. Grace. F
17 Anouska Russian Diminutive of the name Ann. F
18 Anton Russian German and Russian form of Anthony, borne by the Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov (1860-1904). F
19 Antonina Russian Feminine form of Anton: beyond praise. F
20 Anya Russian Variant of Hebrew Hannah. Favor. Grace. F


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