Popular Biblical names for girls

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1 Aarongaserl Biblical Excellent father, father of the remnant F
2 Abana Biblical Made of stone, a building. F
3 Abarim Biblical Passages, passengers. F
4 Abel-beth-maachah Biblical Mourning to the house of Maachah. F
5 Abel-maim Biblical Mourning of waters. F
6 Abel-meholah Biblical Mourning of sickness. F
7 Abel-mizraim Biblical The mourning of Egyptians. F
8 Abel-shittim Biblical Mourning of thorns. F
9 Abez Biblical An egg, muddy. F

10 Abiah Biblical The Lord is my father. F
11 Abib Biblical Green fruit, ears of corn. F
12 Abigail Biblical The father's joy F
13 Abishag Biblical Ignorance of the father. F
14 Acacia Biblical Acacia wood was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle. F
15 Accad Biblical A vessel, pitcher, spark. F
16 Accho Biblical Close, pressed together. F
17 Aceldama Biblical Field of blood. F
18 Achaia Biblical Grief, trouble. F
19 Achaicus Biblical A native of Achaia, sorrowing, sad. F
20 Achim Biblical Preparing, revenging, confirming. F
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