Popular Polynesian names for girls

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1 Amanaki Polynesian Hope F
2 Amipa Polynesian Tonga word for amber stone. F
3 Avoca Polynesian Sweet valley F
4 Emeni Polynesian Tonga word for Amen. F
5 Eponi Polynesian Ebony or black F
6 Etchel Polynesian Hot. F
7 Ginalyn Polynesian Hurricane. F
8 Hahau Polynesian Dew F
9 Hiva Polynesian Song F

10 Huelo Polynesian Ray of light F
11 Huhulu Polynesian The one who glows F
12 Ilisapesi Polynesian The blessed one. F
13 Jecel Polynesian Storm. F
14 Kahoa Polynesian Necklace F
15 Kalasia Polynesian Grace, a graceful woman. F
16 Kalauni Polynesian Crown F
17 Kiupita Polynesian Cupid or love angel F
18 Laaka Polynesian Carefree, or the lark bird. F
19 Lami Polynesian Hidden, Out of Sight F
20 Langi Polynesian Tongan word for heaven. F
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