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1 Vac Indian Well spoken. F
2 Vach Indian Well spoken. F
3 Vacuna Latin Victory. F
4 Vada Unknown Unknown F
5 Vadit Hebrew Rose. F
6 Vaetild Norse Mother of the Skraeling children. F
7 Vaetilda Norse Mother of the Skraeling children. F
8 Vafara French Brave. F
9 Vairocana Hindi King of the demons. F

10 Val Latin Brave. F
11 Vala Welsh Chosen. F
12 Valari Latin Brave. F
13 Valarie Latin Brave. F
14 Valborga German Protecting ruler. F
15 Valda German Power; rule. F
16 Valda Norse Rules. F
17 Valda Teutonic Spirited in war. F
18 Valdis Norse Daughter of Thorbrand. F
19 Valdislava Slavic Glorious ruler. F
20 Valeda Latin Brave. F
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