Popular Turkish names for girls

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1 Aergul Turkish The bunch of blooming roses F
2 Afet Turkish Turkish - A woman of bewitching beauty, Attractive, Lovable F
3 Ahu Turkish Bright and beautiful F
4 Aiyla Turkish Moonlight. F
5 Akara Turkish Chief deity. One who love change and challenges, but take too many risks F
6 Akasma Turkish White climbing rose F
7 Akay Turkish Near a full moon or illuminating light of full moon, full moon. F
8 Alara Turkish Altaic - Mythological Aquatic Fairy, One who makes things beautiful, Water Fairy F
9 Alev Turkish Turkish - Flame, Brightness, Light F

10 Asli Turkish Someone who is genuine and real F
11 Ayleen Turkish Turkish - Halo of the Moon, Light, A variant form is Aylin F
12 Aylin Turkish Turkish - Halo of the Moon, Light, A variant form is Aylin F
13 Aymelek Turkish Moon angel F
14 Ayperi Turkish Moon fairy F
15 Aysun Turkish Turkish - A person whose face is as beautiful as moon, As Beautiful as the Moon F
16 Ayten Turkish Skin Shiny Like Moon, Friend of People F
17 Azra Turkish The one who is a virgin F
18 Banou Turkish Female, Lady, Princess F
19 Beyza Turkish Turkish name meaning "white" or "pure" F
20 Burcu Turkish A sweet smelling woman F
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