Popular Portuguese names for girls

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1 Aitana Portuguese High honor F
2 Ana Portuguese Gracious and satisfying F
3 Analia Portuguese A combination of name Ana and Lia F
4 Balei Portuguese Intelligent. F
5 Beatriz Portuguese Brings Joy F
6 Belmira Portuguese A beautiful woman F
7 Benedita Portuguese A blessed woman F
8 Branca Portuguese One who is white and fair in complexion F
9 Brunilda Portuguese A protector in the battle F

10 Carlotte Portuguese Her strenght is like a man's F
11 Carolina Portuguese A song of joy and happiness F
12 Cascata Portuguese Like a waterfall F
13 Catalina Portuguese Form of the Greek Catherine meaning pure. F
14 Caterina Portuguese Form of the Greek Catherine meaning pure. F
15 Catrina Portuguese Form of the Greek Catherine meaning pure. F
16 Cesaria Portuguese The head of hair F
17 Conceicao Portuguese Conception, the process of conceiving a baby, forming an idea F
18 Dylla Portuguese A self reliant individual F
19 Efigenia Portuguese The one who is born to be strong F
20 Enia Portuguese it means jewel or fiery F
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