Popular Czech names for girls

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1 Karla Czech Free girl or rustic F
2 Adela Czech A short form of adelaide F
3 Belias Czech A white woman F
4 Benesa Czech SHe who is blessed F
5 BOZENA Czech She who is Divine F
6 Bronislava Czech Fighter for fame. F
7 Cenda Czech A compassionate, fragile and natural individual F
8 Darin Czech God's gift F
9 Darina Czech Wonderful gift from God F

10 Darja Czech One who has God F
11 Edita Czech Happy fight, a Jewess. F
12 Eliska Czech One who is fully devoted to God F
13 Ema Czech this means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl. F
14 Fiala Czech A violet woman F
15 Frantiska Czech Czech variant of 'Frances' it refers to A woman who is free F
16 Jenka Czech A form of Jane (Yahweh is merciful) F
17 Jitka Czech Praised or God will be praised. F
18 Karolina Czech Karolina means Tiny and Feminine F
19 Kataka Czech Kataka means Virginal Woman F
20 Klaudie Czech Klaudie means The Lame and Crippled one F
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