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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Xalbadora Spanish Savior. F
2 Xalvadora Spanish Savior. F
3 Xandra English Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F
4 Xandra Greek Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. F
5 Xantha Greek Blond. F
6 Xanthe Greek Blond. F
7 Xanthe Latin A Amazon. F
8 Xanthia Greek Blond. F
9 Xaviera Spanish Bright; splendid. Feminine of Xavier. F

10 Xavierra French Owner of a new home. F
11 Xavierre French Owner of a new home. F
12 Xena Greek Welcoming; hospitable. F
13 Xenia Greek Welcoming; hospitable. F
14 Xevera Spanish Owns a new house. F
15 Xeveria Spanish Owns a new house. F
16 Xhosa African Sweet. (South African). F
17 Xia Greek Welcoming; hospitable. F
18 Ximena Greek Zeus' shield, which was made of goatskin. Also the name of the second husband of Medea. F
19 Xuxa Latin Lily. Nickname for Susana used by the hostess of a popular Brazilian children's TV show. F
20 Xylia Greek From the woods. F


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