Popular Hawaiian names for girls

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1 Aceking Hawaiian Variant of Akamu: Red earth. F
2 Adiriano Hawaiian Variant of Akiliano: From the city of Adrian. F
3 Ailani Hawaiian High chief. F
4 Akiliano Hawaiian From the city of Adrian. F
5 Alana Hawaiian Feminine of Alan awakening. F
6 Apriljane Hawaiian Variant of Akoniia: The Lord is my God. F
7 Fiela Hawaiian Variant of Apelahama: Father to many (Hawaiian variant of Abraham). F
8 Frendih Hawaiian Variant of Akiliano: From the city of Adrian. F
9 Halia Hawaiian Remembrance of a loved one. F

10 Iolana Hawaiian To soar like the hawk. F
11 Jignasha Hawaiian Biblical priest. F
12 Kai Hawaiian The sea. F
13 Kaia Hawaiian Enchanted name that means : The sea. F
14 Kaila Hawaiian Style. F
15 Kailani Hawaiian Sea and sky. F
16 Kalani Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F
17 Kalanie Hawaiian The sky;chieftain. F
18 Kalei Hawaiian The flower wreath; the beloved. F
19 Kalena Hawaiian The Hawaiian equivalent of Karen. F
20 Kali Hawaiian Hesitation. F
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