Popular Hindi names for girls

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1 Aditi Hindi Free. F
2 Ahisma Hindi Not violent. F
3 Ajaya Hindi Invincible. F
4 Alka Hindi Long hair. F
5 Ambar Hindi Sky. F
6 Ambika Hindi Goddess of the moon. F
7 Amritha Hindi Precious. F
8 Anala Hindi Fiery. F
9 Ananda Hindi Bliss. F

10 Ananta Hindi Name of a serpent. F
11 Arpana Hindi Dedicated. F
12 Aruna Hindi Radiant. F
13 Arvinda Hindi Feminine form of Arvind: Red lotus. F
14 Avasa Hindi Independent. F
15 Avatara Hindi Descending. F
16 Baka Hindi Crane. F
17 Bela Hindi Jasmine. F
18 Bharati Hindi India. F
19 Chandi Hindi Angry. F
20 Chandra Hindi Moon. F
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