Popular Indian names for girls

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1 Abhirati Indian Mother of five hundred children; A mother goddess. F
2 Aditi Indian Free. F
3 Adya Indian Born on Sunday. F
4 Ahalya Indian Night. F
5 Ahisma Indian Gentle. F
6 Alfrede Indian New. F
7 Amaravati Indian Full of ambrosia. F
8 Amba Indian Mother. F
9 Ambrosia Indian Food of the gods. F

10 Amhi Indian Mother. F
11 Amhika Indian Mother. F
12 Anahita Indian Goddess of the waters. F
13 Anasuya Indian Charitable. F
14 Anga Indian From Anga. F
15 Angirasa Indian Of the mythical Luminous Race. F
16 Annapurna Indian Goddess of bread. F
17 Anumati Indian Moon. F
18 Apala Indian Woman cursed with a skin disorder. F
19 Apsaras Indian From the water's stream. F
20 Arundhati Indian Morning star. F
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