Popular Ukrainian names for girls

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1 Aleksandra Ukrainian Defender of man. F
2 Alisa Ukrainian Noble. F
3 Aneta Ukrainian Grace. F
4 Anichka Ukrainian Grace. F
5 Anita Ukrainian Grace. F
6 Ionna Ukrainian God's gift. F
7 Katerina Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Katherine: pure. F
8 Katrya Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Katherine: pure. F
9 Klarysa Ukrainian Clear. F

10 Lavra Ukrainian Laurel. F
11 Leysa Ukrainian Defender of man. F
12 Lyaksandra Ukrainian Defender of man. F
13 Marynia Ukrainian Bitter. F
14 Maryska Ukrainian Bitter. F
15 Nastasiya Ukrainian Rebirth. F
16 Nastunye Ukrainian Rebirth. F
17 Nyura Ukrainian Graceful. F
18 Orynko Ukrainian Peace. F
19 Pavla Ukrainian Little. F
20 Sofiya Ukrainian Wisdom. F
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