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1 R&eacent;va Unknown Unknown F
2 Ra English Doe. F
3 Ra'eesa Muslim Variant of Ra'isa: Leadress. Matron.. F
4 Ra'idah Muslim Leader.. F
5 Ra'isa Muslim Leadress. Matron.. F
6 Ra'naa Muslim Variant of Rana: To gaze. Look beautiful. Graceful.. F
7 Raabia Muslim Variant of Rabia: Fourth.. F
8 Raaheel Muslim Variant of Rahil: Rachel.. F
9 Raamiah Biblical Thunder, or evil, from the Lord. F

10 Raananah Hebrew Unspoiled. F
11 Raanee Muslim Variant of Rani: The queen.. F
12 Raashida Muslim Variant of Rashida: Conscious. Pious. Wise. Mature.. F
13 Rabab Muslim White cloud.. F
14 Rabah Hebrew Fourth born. F
15 Rabi'ah Muslim Garden. Springtime.. F
16 Rabia Muslim Fourth.. F
17 Rabiah Egyptian Born in the spring. F
18 Raca Biblical Worthless, good-for-nothing. F
19 Rachael Hebrew Variant of Rachel: Ewe. Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament. F
20 Rachana Cambodian artistic decoration F
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