Popular Japanese names for girls

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1 Ahmya Japanese Black rain F
2 Aia Japanese One who is famous, ruler of the house F
3 Aika Japanese Love song F
4 Aiko Japanese love, affection F
5 Ainu Japanese fertility F
6 Akane Japanese Madder, red dye F
7 Akari Japanese Light, brightness F
8 Aki Japanese Sparkle, Autumn, bright, clear, morning sun, smart, a short form of name Akira F
9 Akiko Japanese Iris; light and bright. F

10 Akiko Japanese Clear, crystal or bright, sparkling and beautiful autumn season F
11 Akira Japanese Bright, clear and intelligent being F
12 Anda Japanese Meet at the field. A Japanese surname. F
13 Aneko Japanese Older sister. F
14 Asami Japanese Morning beauty F
15 Asuga Japanese Swift like a wind F
16 Asuka Japanese Perfume or the fragrance of tomorrow F
17 Aya Japanese An angel who knows magic F
18 Ayaka Japanese A coloured flower, scented F
19 Ayame Japanese Iris, the one who can see perfectly F
20 Ayane Japanese A colourful sound, they are wonderful F


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